Commercial Truck Insurance for Semi’s, Owner Operators and Fleets

National Insurers has relationships with some of the finest companies and wholesale insurance brokerage firms offering Commercial Truck Insurance coverage’s.

National Insurers Commercial Truck Insurance for Semi owner operators and trucking fleet programs.
National Insurers has access to the finest companies and wholesaler brokerage firms offering Semi Commercial Truck insurance coverage’s for you.

Common Types of (Big Rig) Commercial Truck Insurance
Primary Liability: State or Federally Mandated liability insurance coverage protects you lawsuits from injury or damage to others.

Physical Damage: Protection covering the repair or replacement of the truck or trailer (Comp & Coll).

Motor Truck Cargo: Protection for the operators/company or transporter for his responsibility in the event of damaged or lost freight.

Trailer Interchange: Coverage for the legal liability of truckers for damage or loss to non-owned trailers and equipment which insured’s possess under a written trailer interchange agreement.

Non-Trucking Liability: Provides limited liability truck insurance for owner operators who are leased permanently to an ICC regulated carrier.

Many other coverage options are also available depending on the state and available companies offering policies in your state.  Feel free to discuss all of your options with one of our experienced commercial trucking brokers who will be glad to assist and advise you.

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We offer the highest quality Commercial Truck Insurance companies available to insure big rig Semi trucks with AIG, Progressive Commercial, Northland, NICO, Canal, National Casualty, Plaza, Lancer and National General.










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Commercial Truck Insurance products underwritten by local and national insurance companies based on selected coverage area. Coverage and policies are subject to underwriting guidelines, review, and approval. Products and discounts not available to all persons in all states.
Commercial Truck Insurance
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