Save money on Commercial Auto Insurance in off season

Here are a few tips to saving money during your off season (844) 863-6154.

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Ever mowed a lawn in December or January? Or plowed a snowy driveway on a hot steamy summer day? If you own and operate a seasonal business, chances are you may not be working your main business in the off-season, so the insurance you carry should be different than what you carry for your regular working season.

Leading commercial auto insurers like National Insurers Commercial Division and our top companies offer options for seasonal insurance for several businesses like landscapers, snowplow operations, ice cream truck vendors, and several more. These coverage’s allow you to customize or change your commercial auto insurance based on when your business is running in your prime season.

National Insurers Commercial Division (844) 863-6154 and our top companies offers these tips for getting the most out of your policy in your off season:
• If some or all of your commercial vehicles will be parked during the off-season, you would think that you should probably cancel that vehicle’s insurance during the downtime. But if you’d like to protect your vehicle and still save a little money, just switch your insurance to a Comprehensive Coverage types only policy. This will give you basic protection against incidents like vandalism, theft, falling tree branches, wind and hail.

A Comprehensive Coverage only policy also gives you the bonus of having continuous insurance coverage. If you drop your insurance completely, you may pay significantly more to get a new policy when you resume operations because most insurance companies want to see proof of continuous coverage.

• If you plan to drive your work truck or other vehicles for personal use during the off-season, let your insurance company know. They can adjust your policy to reflect personal use, which can be less expensive while still providing coverage.

Claims handling capability is the most important feature we sell our commercial customers. National Insurers and our companies consistently proves superior at settling commercial claims quickly.